Registration entitles you to participate in the CAG 2020 conference. You will have access to keynote talks, conference sessions all day, and refreshments. Register here!

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CAG 2020 EARLY-BIRD RATES (Available until March 15, 2020):

Member* (Student)$110
Member* (Regular)$290
Non-member (Student)$160
Non-member (Regular)$430
Reduced-fee Members**$160

CAG 2020 RATES (March 16 or later):

Member* (Student)$135
Member* (Regular)$340
Non-member (Student)$185
Non-member (Regular)$470
Reduced-fee Members**$185

*Member price includes CAG, CCA, and CARTO/ACMLA members

**Reduced-fee Members include:

  • retired members
  • post-doc members (income < $45,000)
  • K-12 teacher members
  • low-income members (income < $40,000)

Students should consider applying to the CAG Student Travel Grant. To be eligible, students must have a CAG Student Membership in the year prior to the meeting (2019) and the year of the meeting (2020). The grant application deadline is February 15th. Students may enquire about deferring registration costs by volunteering at the event.  Please contact for more information.

Any questions? Please contact our conference organizers: